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Unrefined • Eco Friendly • Pure Cane Sugar

The way sugar should be

For over 100 years we’ve produced a more natural, eco-friendly sugar that your body deserves. We don’t chase trends, we stick to what we know, and we know that our sugar is better for our customers.

Our products are minimally processed, which helps preserve the fresh, real flavor and natural properties of the sugar cane plant, resulting in a better tasting sugar!

Better taste and so much better for you

Here's Why:
zulka sugar
  • Calories
    16 per teaspoon - same as refined sugar
  • Non-GMO
    No fertilizers or pesticides used on the crops
  • Minimally Processed
    No harmful additives or over-extraction
  • More Nutritious
    Maintains the natural nutrients found in sugar
  • Locally grown
    Our sugarcane comes from local family farms
  • Amazing Flavor
    Delivers a bolder aroma and a more delectable taste
  • Sustainable
    We practice eco-friendly methods on our mills and farms
Compare to this:

White Sugar

Refined & Processed

  • Path Copy Highly Processed
  • Path Copy Linked to health issues
  • Path Copy Questionable Sourcing
  • Path Copy Synthetic Taste
  • Path Copy Not Organic

Our Story

Since 1893

Founded several generations ago, Zulka is a family-owned brand who’s strong values have always influenced a mission-driven approach in all that we do.

Years before the rise of refined sugar, the Zulka mills were producing an unrefined version harvested straight from the sugarcane. Instead of following the industry trend of hyper-processed sugar production, we’ve stayed true to our roots. Today, we process over 6 million tons of fresh-cut sugarcane each year that we’re proud to share with you.

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