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Yet again DC Comics has been quite successful in creating a medieval times related superhero character that touches both nature and technology. The problem is that by creating a character good only for a laugh (such as “how did the clown get in there?”), you create a character who also destroys any attempts at serious development just by his presence. Donning a leather outfit that included Sara’s jacket and a pair of police batons, Laurel perfectly encapsulated how far she’d come and the people who helped her get there. Season 8 teaser. The overall video serves more as a retrospective of the whole show, but there is some new stuff in there as well. Most impressive though was the costume ring, green arrow halloween costume which made its debut in The Flash’s first season finale. The elegance of the costume inspires the people and they can’t resist to get their hands on this immaculate design of the costume. There’s no doubt a person or two on the team as well as many people off the team who would like to see him offed. Though the two came around and became close friends and staunch allies, Diggle went a long while before he got any kind of a costume for in the field.

The character’s upgraded costume aesthetic is more on par with the rest of Team Arrow’s respective fight suits. The CG done to render the character is a step ahead of the rest, with a great look that even makes the character tower over the rest of the cast. Mister Terrific was a great addition, bringing a character who wouldn’t have typically received much adoration outside of the comics into live action. The greatest tragedy of this Jay being fake was the loss of his costume, as Earth 3’s Jay wore a much more traditionally designed uniform, complete with a bright red and blue suit and simple thunderbolt on his chest. Though Renee Ramirez is an original creation (the comics version, Jack Wheeler, turned vigilante after his girlfriend’s murder at the hands of the mob), the look was spot on with the hockey mask and blue sports jersey. Still, Renee proved to be a steadfast member of the team and an integral aid of the show’s fifth season.

The man who introduced himself as Jay Garrick in the second season premiere of The Flash turned a lot of heads when it was revealed he was actually Zoom, an evil speedster who wanted to take Barry’s speed. It was revealed that the real Jay Garrick, an Earth 3 speedster, had been taken hostage on Earth 2 Zoom stole his identity. So it was a hell of a surprise when it was revealed Hank Henshaw had died decades earlier, and he was actually J’onn J’onnz, the Martian Manhunter! It seemed like a given that the cold and withdrawn Hank Henshaw would be revealed to be the evil Cyborg Superman. Portrayed by Teen Wolf alum Tyler Hoechlin, the pressure was absolutely on to make a killer live-action Superman. The very finest way to do this would be to make sure to have a costume that is not merely flattering and well priced, but also is incredibly comfy. With Oliver gone after season 3, John became more active in the field and finally donned something of a costume. That does not confirm he’s 100% going to be a skin, but given that all NPCs in the game from this season are skins, it heavily implies that.

Doing justice to the design of the Reverse Flash was always going to be a troublesome affair. Hoechlin’s Superman costume doesn’t appear to take notes directly from the current Man of Steel design but instead learn from what fans didn’t like about it. Still, the suit was a notable adaptation of the modern Mister Terrific design. It came as a surprise that Supergirl also featured the best live-action version of Superman to appear in the modern era. Supergirl stands on its own just fine, but the addition of J’onn cemented the show as one of the best on The CW. And while the red trunks weren’t present, the addition of a red belt did break up the suit nicely. While it may not be the most exciting suit in the Arrowverse, it certainly is the most appropriate. Updated to include a dark crimson jacket with a yellow thunderbolt outline and adding a pair of gloves, the suit was instantly familiar while still being new. Still, for Arrow’s sixth season, Mister Terrific received an upgrade with a sharper mask and a better-designed suit, adding in some white highlights and improving the fit of the jacket for a better-looking version of a beloved character.