Salt Spray Testing Services NV

1 year ago

Salt spray testing has been in existence since the past 60 years. The most commonly used use for salt spray testing is to evaluate organic and/or inorganic coatings for material or product specifications. Salt spray testing can also be employed to treat surfaces including paint, electroplating and coating on surfaces. It also shields its products from corrosion resistance. Periodically, the appearance of corrosion-related products are evaluated. The coating’s resistance to corrosion determines the length of test. The longer the testing time the more favorable. The time for testing with salt spray can be as short as 16 hours but it normally ranges from between 144 and 250 hours or more. Coatings may provide high resistance to corrosion over the longevity of the item However, it is crucial to test corrosion resistance using different methods.

Online salt spray testing is now possible. Many companies offer salt-based testing services across the USA. Salt spray testing in Nevada is done in a more realistic manner. Salt spray testing in Nevada are based on the requirements of the client. Before the whole process can begin, customer must accept all the specifications. Salt spray testing service uses the most advanced, flexible and modern laboratories , equipped with the latest technology equipment to conduct salt spray testing. Laboratories are experts in coating evaluations. Different coatings exhibit different behaviors in salt spray tests and consequently, the test time varies depending on the type of coating. Here is more information in regards to look at our own web page. However, newer technology cabinets that are used for testing can reduce the time to a an acceptable level.

OXI-BLACK is an Nevada salt spray testing service. OXI-BLACK has a wealth of experience in the fields of salt spray testing chemical metal blacking and phosphate processes. OXI-BLACK Salt spray services are located in Nevada press springs and fasteners used in the construction, automotive and household appliance industries. OXI-BLACK salt service providers in Nevada is comprised of a certified and experienced corrosion team from a variety of technical disciplines such as corrosion engineering, catholic protection, coating inspection, chemistry metals science and materials. OXI-BLACK salt-spray services in Nevada also offer a wide collection of laboratory and field testing equipment to perform coating estimation. OXI-BLACK delivers high-quality salt spray testing services and rapid turnaround times for analysis and recommendations on adjustment.