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3 Best Crypto Copy Trading Platforms in 2021.

Cryptos and strategies used to trade them have evolved over time with new platforms and methods emerging over time and with crypto markets on pace to set refreshing new highs in 2021, as popularly projected, it is a great time to consider adopting copy trades crypto [http://cryptocurrency.copy-trade.online/?qa=1133/copytrade-awarded-trading-platform-indonesia-finance-magnates]-trading into your overall investment strategy.

Trading platforms supporting cryptos have adapted over the years to meet market and investor demand for trading tools and products and anyone that has monitored markets and recent strategies have surely come across copy-trading as it is a popular tactic not used by newcomer traders but professionals too.

Copy-trading is the art of monitoring the trading activity of another investor and not just anyone but ones with credibility and successful track records and this is done to copy their success and with more platforms now than ever before supporting copy-trading felt it would be useful to review the top-three.

What is Crypto Copy Trading?

Crypto-market traders lack no shortage of creativity and with strategies continually evolving over time have enabled many around the world to amass respectable sums and profits worth writing home about and one of the most-used strategies leveraged in crypto markets today is one known as copy-trading.

Copy-trading is simply the process of seeing what trades others are opening and based on their orders will make trades that echo the ones of traders you follow which not only reduces the chance of losses for new and seasoned investors but gives people the ability to gather insight on the market as a whole.

Crypto copy trading has taken markets by storm and with this strategy automatable is great for those wanting to profit from the fast-paced market without having to spend time researching trends that in some cases can take hours at a time to conduct and copy-trading makes this a possibility to all investors.

Strategies for trading cryptocurrencies range in concepts and modalities with some reducing risks and others increasing the probability of profits and some, such as copy-trading, enable traders to achieve both as it is a strategy known for reducing investment-related risks while improving trading outcomes.

Why is Copy Trading Cryptocurrencies Beneficial?

Reduce Risk by Partnering with Pros.

Reducing risk is vital to profits and growth no matter the traded asset or market used but crypto is a special case in that greater volatility leaves more room for error and not just for new traders but for experienced ones as well but by partnering with professionals can effectively minimize assumed risks.

Copy-trading cryptocurrencies is a widely popular strategy used by millions of new and professional traders around the world as there are profits and knowledge to be had for all investors no matter the experience they possess and the ability to earn from another’s expertise is an invaluable proposition.

One of the great things about copy-trading cryptocurrencies is that it gives those using the strategy the ability to connect with more experienced investors to leverage their market knowledge and expertise to their profitable advantage and is incredibly useful to new traders with no experience that want to trade.

Investors with limited time or liquidity should prioritize risk-mitigation measures as much as they do the profits they are hopeful to earn as the ability to gain is only as great as the ability to negate risk and best crypto copy trade platform loss and copy-trading is arguably the best of all strategies that not only reduces risk but increases profits too.

Increase Revenue for Experienced Traders.

Increasing revenue and profits are core-centric goals of all investors and while cryptos and underlying technology present many profitable opportunities alone, copy-trading broadens the spectrum of how traders earn as now, experienced traders can earn from self-made trades but by leading others as well.

One great perk of experienced copy traders is their ability to earn from other investor funds which takes place across crypto-trading platforms that let users view descriptive-metric profiles of other investors in order to choose one to follow, and as an experienced trader, this offers a unique dynamic to earn from.

Trading platforms differ from each other in terms of the products and services they offer but one constant of copy-trading platforms is the ease at which users can copy trades with many now allowing such trades to take place on autopilot based on pre-set parameters inputted by the following trader.

Experienced traders using these platforms can create public profiles and funds that others contribute to with which they can use to open orders and when profitable orders are made can earn rewards or funds for their winning wager, which means traders earn hassle-free gains and investors earn greater revenue.

Hands-Free Investing.

Passive income and hand-free profits are often conceptual dreams that for most are far from reality but copy-trading and its involved strategy transitioned what was once a far-fetched goal into reality with ways for people of all experiences to enjoy improved trading experiences with minimal invested time.

Conventional crypto-trading requires hours upon hours of research and weeks of trial-and-error misery and even after extensive market due-diligence can be hard to reap profits given high volatility which is even more frustrating when factoring in the losses and hours of spent time researching worthy trades.

One great benefit of copy-trading assets is that it relieves those using this strategy from the need of having to manually trade or research and with automating trades now possible on one of the many platforms enabling copy-trades to take place is a great time to earn passive profits while saving time.

Cryptocurrencies are exchanged fast-paced markets and given that trading hours never stop it is hard to keep watchful eyes on prices and movements as things continually change and copy-trading alleviates the need to perpetually watch markets and changes in it while affording the luxury of hand-free profits.

3 Best Crypto Copy Trading Platforms in 2021.


Unfettered by conceptual trading limitations is the site that since launching in 2018 took strategizing to whole new levels with advanced trading and analytical tools and dozens of tradable assets spanning an equal number of markets in which users were able to copy-trade for profits and gains using Bitcoin.

PrimeXBT is an established and reputed platform and while known as the largest multi-asset exchange with margin and leverage support has since grown to be known to traders and communities around the world as the leading copy-trading platform and its recent-release rollout made trading even easier.

This platform has experienced unprecedented growth in its nearly four years of operations and thanks to industry-low fees and access to more markets and assets is the most useful site for those wanting to leverage their crypto to trade in other markets ranging from forex to even crude-oil contracts as well.

PrimeXBT is home to a suite of advanced trading tools and with support for copy-trading is great for all investors wanting to gain insight into the trading habits of other users and with the ability to streamline trades using automation, this platform enables their users to passively profit with ease and certainty.


Coinmatics is a trading site whose reputation and value proposition lies in their offering of automated trades and speedy order-completion times and copy trading for cryptocurrency as a social-based software enables users to connect to the trading activities of other investors so they can choose one in which their trades will follow suit.

This platform has been serving users for over three years and gives its customers the ability to automate trades on exchanges supported by the software which is even more alluring to those already trading on compatible platforms and crypto copy trading platforms for those with little experience that are entering the market for the first time.

Coinmatics is an invaluable resource to millions of traders that use them to gain access to the profitable trading strategies of carefully selected investors with proven track records and given that trades can be made on autopilot is an excellent piece of software and technology for investors with limited availability.

Cryptos are nothing short of revolutionary and since the first one came to existence over ten years ago have disrupted many markets and conventional-trading wisdom and while many new strategies have emerged alongside many new coins, Coinmatics emerged to make copy-trading and profits much easier.


Searching for platforms that support copy-trading will result in the finding of many unique sites to trade on and despite the ever-growing number of them, BitCopy has etched its name in the space as one of the best copy-trading platforms in the market as they offer great security and trading-tool features.

BitCopy is a copy-trading platform and social-based network that lets users view the trading activities of other members in an intuitively clean format that makes gauging the ability and potential of an investor with greater certainty easier and is now home to many copy-trading users from all parts of the world.

This platform launched in 2009 to serve as an analytical and copy-trading solution to inexperienced and seasoned investors that wanted to reduce risk and increase profits by following in the footsteps of more knowledgeable traders and today is beloved for the ease at which they allow users to copy-trade assets.

BitCopy quickly amassed an impressive-sized user due to how simple they have made the copy-trading process and their recent capital alliance with another platform fortified their stability and liquidity which not only allows users to copy-trade with peace of mind but at faster and quicker trade times as well.

Final Thoughts.

Cryptos present an exciting and profitable opportunity to current and prospective traders and the many platforms and strategies around today provide even greater odds to profit though the platform used to copy-trade should be just as important to investors as profits as not all offer equal value and security.

Trading on trusted platforms with proven track records and useful tools is imperative to profits but to pleasurable trading experiences as well, and while hundreds of platforms support copy-trading features, the covesting module offered by PrimeXBT continues to rank among the best of all according to users.

Learn more about how PrimeXBT works and the benefits of using the platform at this link.

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