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You should not, of course, use multiple mods which affect same details of same chararcters – one will just overwrite another. About which mods you can use together and which not – there’s no unified rule, but usually, you can use multiple mods for Geralt (or other characters), for example, if one mod changes his face textures, second changes beard hairworks, third one changes armor and last one changes face – but only model, for instance. This mod changes the color scheme to a red and beige theme, and comes with black versions of the armor as well. This mod is considered to be a sequel to the Roaming Witcher’s Armor mod, improving on almost every aspect to make it run smoother with the rest of the game. You only have one shot at obtaining the Hen Gaidth armor set, if you choose to go after the Unseen Elder vampire during the Night of the Long Fangs quest, again in the Blood and Wine DLC expansion. I’m Geralt of Rivia, scorned Witcher, master swordsman, and I have no time for nonsense. This basically means the armor sets will improve along with Geralt as you get stronger, making them much more useful long-term.

No one shivers. Triss feels the force of the wind, but not the cold and she understands why Yennefer insisted on making sure everyone was heavily bundled up. When Yennefer finally feels that everyone is properly protected, Triss is sure they’re all wearing at least two or three pounds of clothes. Triss chuckles to herself when a thought, one of Yennefer’s, crosses her mind and the dark-haired woman accepts Emoria’s lesson for the day will have to wait until tomorrow. But she doesn’t mind the snow. Triss doesn’t miss her fiance’s victorious smile when they step outside just as a violent gush of wind blows over the threshold. It rises to Yennefer’ calves and she and Triss wobble and walk awkwardly as they navigate the snow. At first, when it was just her and Triss in her little cottage, she loved snow days because it forced the women to stay inside and make love in front of a fire. Still, Triss’ days were filled with caring for the girls and loving Yennefer. She kisses Yennefer’s cheek, the top of Triss’ head and ruffles Emoria’s hair, who playfully swats at her.

I just had to include these next two because come on, who doesn’t love Metal Gear Solid? It’s a detailed RPG, with a deep sword fighting system, hunger and thirst systems, crafting and more than a dozen equipment slots to fill with meticulously modeled gear inspired by the raiments of the time. He usually has his trusty sword laying on his back or unsheathed, ready to take someone down. Breakfast is ready then and they all sit down to eat. After breakfast and cleaning away their mess, the family breaks away to their respective rooms to dress in heavy clothes to prepare for the cold that waits on the other side of the day. Then comes the mittens and scarves, the heavy boots lined with fur and the coats with hoods to cover their heads. Then when they adopted Emoria and Clarissa, she looked forward to being snug and content under a quilt as they all read a book or enjoyed a cup of warm cocoa while fat snowflakes covered the ground. Emoria and Ciri plough ahead, unbothered by the weather. Having been trained had Kaer Morhen, Ciri is an exceptionally skilled swordswoman.

It was praised for being thin, light and having a more premium feel than most gaming laptops, but its 17-inch screen still made it unwieldy. She thinks she’ll wander her home, finding empty, cold rooms and feel the haunting memories of her time with Triss, Ciri, Emoria and Clarissa. She even cocks an eyebrow at Triss, causing the redhead to reach for another shirt to wear. She digs into the closets, pulling out cotton longjohns, one for everyone that she instructs they wear under their clothes. Arrows even stick out of the front of his shield, adding for that extra layer of authenticity. Posing in front of a graffiti wall for that modern effect, the skilled artist shows off her costume: a cropped leather jacket with a large blue collar, leather pants with lace-up sides, legplate armor on her shins, and a pistol sat on each hip printed by ‘jairusofall‘.

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