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More than just a palace, the grounds also serves as an active Hindu temple. Most memorable: Watching one of the last Maharaja’s drive into his still active home to much pomp and circumstance. Adonis’s blonde ringlets were braided into cornrows as he looked off to one side, most probably watching television. The star tied her blonde hair up in a messy and high bun, secured by a black scrunchie as she pulled the black face mask on her face down to below her chin. Share She carried a large beige tote on her way out of practice as her golden blonde hair flowed down her shoulder in a straight sleek style. The Catfish host wore orange and brown tie-dye sweats, stylish beige sneakers and a plain black tank. The crooner wore a white tee and long grey shorts, with a blue face mask, pink camouflage durag as he carried a coffee inside.

Looking comfortable, light blue durag casual and ready for practice Jeannie Mai paired grey sweats with a pink cropped tee that read ‘FIRSTABLE,’ and white sneakers. Nelly and Monica Aldama also headed into practice looking casual. The highest scoring duo from Monday, Johnny Weir and Britt Stewart showcased their individual style for practice. Lay your waves in style with this blue designer Dior durag! The rest of the palace is a blinding array of stained glass, intricate lattice work, and loads of Arabic style arches. Today’s market is just a shell of what it once was but is still a colorful array of piles of spices and silk. The sands and heat of the desert make their presence known and the air of spice laden camel caravans and turban clad Maharajas still hangs heavy in the air. These maharajas have lost most of their political clout today, but they still live on and enjoy their royal status. Though she seemed to be in good spirits on Tuesday as she beamed bright smiles at cameras and appeared to have a big laugh in the parking lot. Happy: Nev and his partner Jenna Johnson were in good spirits as they high-fived on their way into practice.

Nev and his partner Jenna Johnson were in good spirits as they high-fived on their way into practice. Nev Schulman seemed to take in the Southern California heatwave from the parking lot. Soaking up sun: Nev Schulman seemed to take in the Southern California heatwave from the parking lot. Lot of 5 Du-Rags with ties easily fits most head sizes for men, women, teens and older children. Fits most head sizes for men, women and teens. The Laugh Now Cry Later hitmaker, 34, was seen standing next to a bed in front of the little boy, fastening a blue durag to his head. The current state of Rajasthan consists of a collection of once former independent kingdoms, all with a ruling head of state, a Maharaja, that maintained a certain degree of Independence by force against the Moguls and diplomacy against the British. The blend is distinctly Rajasthan both influenced heavily from their more powerful neighbors on either side – the Moguls and the Persians. The second picture was from further away, and looked to include Drake’s mother Sandi Graham who looked on contentedly from the side. A plaque with the handprints of the departed, some rather small, sits to the side of the main gate in memoriam.

Just past where we caught the glimpse of the present leader sits a memorial to a past one. Share 3.2k shares There were two IG story entries, one close-up on father and son, as Adonis sat on a gray bed with bedding decorated in an elephant pattern. A fuzzy fleece gray blanket sat nearby. Adonis is the child of Drake and his former partner Sophie Brussaux. And on Thursday, Drake and his cute tot Adonis made an appearance on the rapper’s Instagram stories. Drake, born Aubrey Drake Graham, was dressed in all black as he smiled over his little boy. The Mehrangarh Fort looms over the city below offering protection from would be invaders. A little outside the city but the owner is friendly, the courtyard and rooms are well decorated, clean and it’s quite at night. As the royal family still lives here on and off, the palace is well maintained and a delight to wander around.

He still had on the black nail polish he wore for Monday night’s competition. The whole procession lasts mere minutes but it proves that despite the transfer of power, he is still the most respected man in town. Spilling out from the market, the city streets snake and wind around a massive hill that dominates the center of town. Useful Tip: For commanding views of the city exit out of the fort and walk around to the temple at the tip of the rock looming over the center of the city. With its powder blue buildings, spice markets & thriving royal family Jodhpur provides an excellent introduction to Rajhastani life and culture without all the tourist crowds that have taken over some of the other cities. I’d do it 100 times over! As the largest fort in all of Rajasthan, the fort serves as home to the royal palace, several temples and even a few gardens.