The better-for-you sugar

Our bodies weren’t designed for refined sugar, one of the many reasons to switch to Zulka. We’re devoted to producing a cane sugar that's better for you and your family by preserving natural nutrients and pure flavor –– the way sugar should be!

Why It’s Better

Freshly harvested

We harvest our sugar straight from the cane plant which preserves all of the qualities that make our sugar fresh and delicious.

Amazing flavor

The premium quality of our sugar is unmistakable. Zulka sugar delivers a bolder aroma and a more delectable taste.

Locally grown

Our sugarcane comes from local family farms owned by people dedicated to producing top quality cane that we’re proud to share with you.

Minimally processed

We avoid using harmful additives to maintain the real flavor and natural properties of our cane sugar.


We’re committed to efficient, sustainable food production through eco-friendly practices on our mills and farms.

White Sugar


Discover how Zulka sugar is made

From one family to another

The Zulka mills have been in our family for over a century. Despite changing times and company growth, we’ve never lost sight of our mission. We extend our family values into all that we do, from our relationships with neighboring family farms to the moment we share our sugar with your family to create those sweet, special memories.Our sugar mills have continued with the tradition of the production of sugar for more than 100 years. Despite the changes over time and the growth of our Group, we have never ignored our mission.


Ask your questions
How is Zulka Sugar made?

Sugarcane is obtained from cultivation fields. In our factory cane juice rich in sucrose is extracted from sugarcane, then juice is concentrated and sucrose crystallizes. Zulka sugar are sucrose crystals obtained directly from sugarcane.

What is the shelf life of Zulka Sugar?

Once cane sugar is produced, shelf life is two years keeping the product in a closed container kept in a dry place. You can see on the packaging the “Best by date” that represents the remaining useful life of the product you have purchased.

What is the difference between morena and brown sugar?

The term “Morena” refers to the light golden color that naturally occurs in unrefined sugar. Brown sugar, however, is processed by adding molasses to sugar.

What sizes does Zulka Sugar come in?

Zulka Morena Sugar: 1lb 2lb 4lb 6lb 8lb 10lb 25lb 50lb Zulka Brown: 1lb Zulka Powdered: 1lb

How should I store Zulka sugar?

Keep Zulka sugar bag closed in dry storage.

What can I use the sugar for?

For all the recipes that need sugar.

How can I buy Zulka sugar for wholesale?

Please send an email to

What does unrefined sugar mean?

Unrefined sugars come straight from the freshly harvested cane, free of gone through a refining process, or chemical process to remove the molasses that’s naturally found in it.

Are there chemicals in Zulka sugar?

No, there are not, Our sugar is free of chemicals and artificial ingredients.