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Zulka delivers a better tasting and less processed cup-for-cup replacement for refined sugar, and people are noticing! Check out what they are saying and how they are using Zulka Pure Cane Sugar:

Quiche- A-Week

Cherry Poppers and Zulka Morena Pure Cane Sugar

I don’t use real sugar very often so this was kind of more of a treat than I was even expecting. The people at Zulka were nice enough to send me the world’s largest a 4lb bag of their Morena Pure Cane Sugar so I’ll never need to casually and adorably meet my neighbors via sugar request ever again. It’s a non-GMO verified product and it actually tastes different from other sugar. Instead of yucky pants white stuff that rhymes with “momino”, Zulka legit tastes like sugar cane. Swear to sugar it does. It’s all sorts of good. So into my Cherry Popper filling it goes!

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The Spiffy Cookie

Review: Zulka Pure Cane Sugar & Cream Cheese Peanut Butter Cookies Dipped in White Chocolate

Happy National Peanut Butter Cookie Day! Today I bring to you a soft peanut butter cookie made with cream cheese dipped in white chocolate. But it gets even better, because I made these with Zulka’s Morena Pure Cane Sugar. Yay for unrefined goodness!

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The Cooking Actress

Coffee Cake Muffins with @ZulkaSugar

I’ve always been semi-skeptical about using natural sugars in my baking (WHAT IF IT DOESN’T TURN OUT RIGHT??!) but omg I am in love with Zulka Pure Cane Morena Sugar! It’s completely revolutionary. I’ve been using it in everything, and all has turned out perfect (and tasting even better)! To celebrate the awesomeness, all 3 recipes I’ll be sharing this week are featuring the Zulka Sugar (and they all have healthier twists to them). Fun right? So-Zulka is sold at major retailers nationwide, so you should be able to get your hands on it (trust me, you want to!)

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White Lights on Wednesday

Mango Old Fashioned

I love a classic cocktail, but I didn’t want to just share the same old same old with you today.  It is Friday after all which calls for something a little special.  Since I’m generally a whiskey drinker I decided to give the Old Fashioned a little make over.  Nothing drastic, but just enough to bring out a side of this old girl you don’t see enough.  The mango in this cocktail is wonderful.  It complements the whiskey beautifully and gives a great aromatic note.

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Margarita Variations - The Cucumber Mint Margarita

There’s another nice thing about the Margarita, of course – it’s a great jumping-off point for all sorts of delightful variations. Those variations include this Cucumber Mint Margarita created by Zulka. The nice people at Zulka were kind enough to send along a sample so that we could try both the recipe and their sugar.

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Natural, Pure, Cane Sugar


“I’ve been using your sugar since my mom introduced me to it over a year ago, and I have yet to find anything comparable or as affordable.” – Gloria

“I just bought your 4 lb. bag of sugar at Wal-Mart the other day, and was shocked that the price was only $.10 more than the name brand sugar. So excited that is was Non-GMO, tastes great, and is affordable.” – Marcia

“I just recently purchased your sugar when I saw the ‘Non GMO’ label!”

“Zulka is the best thing you’ll hear about all day! Zulka is a Pure Cane Sugar company that is a Non-GMO Project verified “Morena” sugar. (This is a term used to describe granulated sugars that do not undergo conventional refining process.) Which means: its full of flavor and perfect for everyday use. BEST THING YOU’VE HEARD TODAY RIGHT?” – Sugar Loco

“I loved using Zulka because it quickly dissolved and measured cup for cup, just like the refined granulated sugar I’m used to using. It also seemed to add a more complex flavor to my ice cream base, almost a caramel taste. Even tasting the Zulka alone I noticed that it tasted so much different from white sugar, in a very good way. I loved using it in this Balsamic Strawberry Ice Cream and I think that it would seamlessly work in any recipe. I fully intend to continue using it in place of white sugar from here on out.”  – Food Babbles

“Tasting Zulka sugar is seriously like tasting real sugar cane. I know, because in the Dominican Republic, a major producer of sugar cane, I’ve consumed my fair share of it in its natural state. And just as natural is Zulka Morena® Pure Sugar Cane Sugar, non-GMO and with naturally occurring caramel color tones in the granules. Unlike the typical granulated sugar that’s been striped to its’ core and is stark white, Zulka Morena®’s natural color isn’t just nice to look at but imparts great flavor to baked goods, my morning coffee, and savory dishes.” – Cooking with Books

“My family and I will be buying your sugar from now on and I will most certainly spread the word to buy your product!!!” – Tom

“Zulka Pure Cane Sugar is an all-natural, unrefined, granulated sugar. It is made from freshly- harvested sugar cane that is a better-tasting and less-processed cup-for-cup replacement for refined white sugar. The results are about as close to a pure sugar cane plant that you can get.” – Beyond Frosting

“I absolutely love your product. Tastes great, price is comparable to processed sugar and I have the comfort of knowing I am not giving my children GMO’s.” – Karen

“Absolutely the BEST on the market!!!!! I tell everyone about it…and Non-GMO verified…Your Company ROCKS!” – Marleen

“What counts is the flavor. If you have ever chewed on sugar cane you will know exactly how this tastes. The subtle flavor is similar to caramel or molasses or a cross between the two…here is a new staple sugar in my pantry. I will use Morena for baking when I want the added pure cane sugar flavor. It is what will be in my sugar shaker.” – Magnolia Days

“I absolutely love this sugar and the fact that it’s gmo free!!!” – Brandy

“This is now my main sugar in the house. Good bye C&H!” – Paulette

“I sure do love the sugar and I really love the fact that it is a Non-GMO Project Certified Product. Awesome! You have a new fan.” – Brandon

“I can honestly tell you it tastes real and so much better than granulated sugar.  This is what sugar is supposed to taste like, I immediately tasted the difference when I snuck my first piece of raw dough (come on I know you eat the dough too before baking)! Zulka is equivalent cup for cup to regular sugar, so no substitutions need to made, all you need to do is buy a bag and get baking!  Oh the best part?  Besides the taste that is – it’s a Non-GMO product, so it’s good for us and the environment.” – Girl in the Little Red Kitchen

“We have started buying your products and are very pleased with it! You are a fine example that a natural non-GMO product doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.” – Stephen

“Their sugar is less refined than normal granulated sugar and has a better, sweeter flavor. It’s rich and tastes more like actual sugar cane. Which I love because it imparts an earthier flavor on the things you cook. Best part is that it’s cup for cup comparable to regular granulated sugar so you don’t have to make any special adjustments with your recipe. Bonus, this product is also non-GMO. Which again, I love.” – Culicurious

“What is the best sugar you ask?  Well I am sure it differs from person to person, but to me the best sugar is one that is organic, GMO-free, and free from unnecessary processing, especially regarding the use of bone char. That sugar is Zulka Pure Cane Sugar… Zulka’s got me as a customer. I like to purchase from companies whose values align with my own.” – Produce on Parade

“Oh my gosh, I am in love with Zulka Pure Cane Morena Sugar! It’s completely revolutionary. I’ve been using it in everything, and all has turned out perfect (and tasting even better)!” – The Cooking Actress