Zulka Morena® Sugar

Zulka Morena® sugar is minimally processed and comes straight from freshly-harvested sugar cane.


Pure Cane Sugar

Zulka Brown Pure Cane Sugar uses a similar process to our Morena Pure Cane Sugar to maintain the flavor and natural properties of the sugar cane plant.

This Non-GMO Project Verified Sugar is made by blending fresh molasses to our Morena sugar crystals to deliver a full-bodied flavor and aroma.  Use it anytime you want a richer tasting sugar.  It is great for baking and making sauces and marinades.

Pure Cane Sugar

Zulka Powdered Pure Cane Sugar is the finest and most delicate of our pure cane sugars.

This sugar is preferred for many uses due to it’s ultra fine texture, consistency and flavor.  This Non-GMO Project Verified product is made by pulverizing sugar crystals and adding corn starch to enhance flowability. It can be used in all powdered sugar applications. We especially love it as a smooth overcoat for frosting or meringue, or sprinkled over waffles!

Picante Sugar

Zulka Picante Pure Cane Sugar is one of our favorite creations.This unique sugar has a touch of chili spice, adding flavor and kick to any dish!

Treat your taste buds with a dash of sweet and spicy goodness! We recommend adding a dash of this peppery sugar on your next dish for a full-bodied experience that will leave you craving more. We especially like adding a pinch of picante sugar on fruit or hot cocoa for that extra burst of flavor.