Our Story

More than 100 years ago, the Zulka mills were built among the lush sugar fields of Mexico, in a tropical area ideal for sugar cane farming. To this day, we are a family-run company, continually investing and modernizing so that these same facilities can process over 6 million tons of fresh-cut sugarcane each year.

All of the sugar cane we use comes from small family farms, owned by hard-working people who are dedicated to producing top quality cane. We are proud of our workers, partners, and product, and look forward to sharing these with you for many years to come.

Vision & Mission

Our vision is to give people a better, more natural tasting sugar and to change how people think about their sugar through more conscious, environmentally-friendly cane production. We want every recipe to be a little easier, better and tastier!

Natural, Pure, Cane Sugar


At Zulka we are committed to the efficient and sustainable production of food, to meet and exceed the growing world demand for high quality and safe products. We conduct a series of sustainable practices to protect nature’s valuable resources, create a safe and responsible work environment, and ensure quality cane sugar production.

Our irrigation system ensures all water is recirculated, assuring our plants receive the optimum amount of nutrients needed for effective growth. All plant waste remaining after removing the cane sugar is returned to fields as natural soil improvers.

Zulka does not utilize any fossil fuels to power its mills. Instead, we produce our own electricity using leftover fiber from cane processing. Because we are able to produce more than we need for cane production, we give power to the electricity grid – building a more efficient and environmentally-friendly world!